One Year Anniversary: Do You Know What Today Is?

I officially started this website a year ago on January 1st 2018 as part of long-term career goals on my journey as a psychotherapist. From the moment I enrolled into that Applied Psychology graduate program, I dedicated every aspect of this part of my life to Black people, especially Black LGBTQAI people. I had been planning to go into psychology research and the academic world until I started hearing from different Black people online and IRL about the systemic difficulty finding culturally-competent, ethical, and empathic therapists who are also affordable and accessible. And that changed the direction of my life.

And now, this website is part of my ultimate goal to dedicate my psychotherapy career to finding many different ways to 1) Share free psychotherapy-based information to help people use these tools towards the goal of healing themselves and their communities, 2) Personally provide free psychotherapy to low-income Black people via my future private practice, 3) Provide future clinical supervision to upcoming Black LGBTQAI mental health counselors who need hours for their state license, and 4) Network with other Black mental health professionals to work together towards this common vision.

To everyone who has supported me in making this website happen this year, the very first year: Thank you so much. Your help was so deeply appreciated. I want to give special shout-outs to my brother Sam, my sister Crystal, and my editor/friend Kiya. Without the 3 of you, this website would have been almost impossible.

To everyone who has read any of my work on QueeringPsychology for the last year, thank you. Expect to see more and more of my work, written and otherwise, this new year and in the years to come.

Welcome to QueeringPsychology


This site was previously a casual blog that I created because it bothered me to see how much and how often knowledge was hidden from people based on race, gender identity, class, etc. When I was in my applied psychology M.A. program, it especially felt like I was crashing a party no one invited me to. People like me, the communities/identities I rep, are always seen as the victims, clients, patients, criminals, dependents, corpses, case studies, etc. Never as the creators, professionals, healers, researchers, change-makers or anyone with agency in the world. Systemic factors keep many of us out (or try to push us out) of the rooms where a lot of knowledge is being given. And to keep it 100, many of us who do get into those rooms do a trash job of packaging what we learn in lay, real life terms and spreading it to our communities.

As a psychotherapist (See About Me for more info), I have always had an interest in bridging gaps in knowledge and I want to use this website as a way for me to share, not only what I know, but how to apply it to daily life. One of the schools of thought I work from, believes that you have the power you need to heal yourself and thrive already within you. I just wanna share some tools and some food for thought with y’all to aide in your healing.

Just like I mentioned in this thread on Twitter, I want to publish written and video posts applying my knowledge of psychotherapy to various topics and issues, including demystifying therapy and mental health, LGBTQ-related issues, Blackness, interpersonal relationships, trauma, whole body health, etc. with future guest writers/speakers to speak from identities and to issues not in my lane. I also will eventually use this site to advertise for clients once I am ready to set up a private practice.

I will be posting every 2nd and 4th Sunday.

Thanks for reading.