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I’m noticing more and more people on social media encouraging folks to listen to their intuition, to connect with their bodies, to build self-attunement, etc and

I was interviewed by Daric L. Cottingham for Essence about parasocial relationships. Here’s the article. I loved the questions they asked so much that I was

Hey, long time no see! For those of y’all who are not also following me on other sites/social media apps, I had taken a writing break

I’m writing this update to my intro piece on self-care because the COVID-19 pandemic, quarantines, “social distancing,” etc. (heavy on the etc.) have thrown a whole

Note: This piece was very hard for me to write so it might be hard for someone to read. If you start feeling upset, anxious, etc.

A pandemic is a whole other ball game. We are dealing with social isolation, government incompetence and cruelty (at least in the US), institutional/medical racism, etc.

This piece is another layer to my series about change: what change is, what the work of change looks like, and recognizing change in yourself and

Let’s say it how it is: it is ridiculously hard to find a decent therapist. As someone who has been a psychotherapy client before and as

This is another Reader’s Request (Thank you). Feel free to tweet or DM @Queeringpsych on Twitter or email queeringpsychology@gmail.com with any psychotherapy-related topics you would like to

This is a Part 2 of a 2-part series about change, written using knowledge about the psychology of change so that we can all be on