Who Am I?

  • A Black queer man from the Bronx who wants to rep his peoples
  • A psychotherapist/mental health counselor who wants to share his knowledge

I am a Black psychotherapist (MHC) with significant clinical experience providing long term individual, group, and couple’s psychotherapy to  people of various ages, socioeconomic statuses, sexual orientations, genders, etc. as well as people living with various kinds of physical illnesses, chronic health conditions, trauma histories, substance use issues, etc.

I am dedicated to:

  • A postmodern, client-centered, trauma-informed therapeutic approach
  • Using harm reduction, motivational interviewing, and cognitive-behavioral interventions as needed
  • Intersectionality as a way of understanding the client’s perspective
  • Therapy as a collaborative effort between the therapist and client

The Purpose of This Blog:

  • To serve as a standing reference page where I can occasionally post information and my own thoughts RE: psychology, sexuality, politics, etc.
  • To discuss my experiences and position as a Black queer psychotherapist in the counseling field, in this country, and in the greater world.

Feel free to send questions and/or topic ideas to queeringpsychology@gmail.com.

Follow me on Twitter @QueeringPsych.

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