Contacting QueeringPsychology

  • You can contact me at or on Twitter @QueeringPsych.
  • I take suggestions for future posts and I enjoy receiving any constructive feedback.
  • I am not currently taking on any psychotherapy clients privately. I will make an announcement when that changes.
  • Please do not contact me for help with research projects or to “pick my brain” unless you are able to pay a consultant fee of $100/hour.
  • Please exercise appropriate boundaries before contacting me. I am “a” therapist, not “your” therapist. My firm, personal boundaries protect me from burning out so I can keep doing this kind of work long term. If I did not conduct an intake with you and/or do not have access to your medical chart, you are not my client. I do not want to talk to you about your specific mental health and I don’t want to process your emotions with you. I did not consent to performing free labor for you. Thank you in advance for respecting this boundary.
  • If you are looking for professional assistance with caring for your own mental health: See my intro to depression post for some resources on how to find a therapist.