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ADVERTISEMENT – Hire me to notarize your documents remotely!
Queeringpsychology: The Psychotherapy Resource

Queeringpsychology: The Psychotherapy Resource

I am a Black queer man who is also a licensed psychotherapist (LMHC/LPC). I created this website to serve as a reference page where I can post information for people who cannot afford or find a therapist. Information is power and I believe that sharing information equally can assist us in obtaining our freedom. I hope this site is useful for those who need it.


Are you looking for someone who isn’t a bigot to notarize your documents?
Great news! I am a licensed electronic notary public in New York State!

Why should non-New Yorkers care about this?

Great question!

As long as I, personally, am physically in the state of New York, I can remotely notarize documents from anywhere.
Someone can be in another state or even be physically somewhere outside of the United States and as long as I am in NYS, I can be hired to e-notarize their documents remotely.
For international e-notarizations, the document:
  • Has to be filed under the jurisdiction of the United States
  • OR has to be related to a matter under the jurisdiction of the United States
  • OR has to involve property located in the jurisdiction of the United States
  • OR has to be part of a transaction substantially connected with the United States
$25 (USD) per document in an e-notary session
$2 (USD) extra to “paper out” (For real property e-notarizations)
More information on the remote Notary law here.
At this time, I am only offering electronic remote notary services. I do NOT offer in-person services at this time.
Please do not schedule an appointment unless you are ready to notarize a document.
We will be having a video session and we will sign the document together in real time so you will need:
  • An email address
  • Access to a phone, tablet, or computer with a camera for the video session
  • Access to an updated Chrome or Firefox internet browser
  • Identification – driver’s license, state ID, passport, etc
  • The ability to create an electronic version of your document (PDF) and email it to me
Use this calendly link to schedule a remote e-notary session: https://calendly.com/pierrenotary 

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