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MHC4OC – How You Can Support Free Therapy for Black People!
Queeringpsychology: The Psychotherapy Resource

Queeringpsychology: The Psychotherapy Resource

I am a Black queer man who is also a licensed psychotherapist (LMHC/LPC). I created this website to serve as a reference page where I can post information for people who cannot afford or find a therapist. Information is power and I believe that sharing information equally can assist us in obtaining our freedom. I hope this site is useful for those who need it.

Wait? What is MHC4OC Again?

Mental Health Counseling for Our Communities is my private practice where I am providing free trauma-focused, somatic therapy for Black people.
June 1st is the 1st anniversary of the practice! Time flies right? I’m going to be starting a fundraising campaign in May leading up to the anniversary month in June. My goal is to expand my caseload so I can provide more free quality trauma-focused therapy to more Black people!
Thank you so so much to everyone who has donated so far! I am proud to say that through community donations, my little caseload and I been able to meet consistently every other week for about a year. Thank you so much!

Why Are You Fundraising?

I have a growing waitlist of people who want to start therapy with me, but I don’t have the current funds to take on new free clients. Everything I receive at this time goes right into overhead and seeing my current caseload biweekly. So I am starting a fundraiser in May  to raise more money for the practice. My immediate goal is to expand my caseload in the states I currently practice in – NY, GA, and FL (And once the Counseling Compact kicks in, I’ll be able to see more clients around the country with my current licenses).
Please consider joining MHC4OC’s $3 Patreon here. I really appreciate 1-off donations, however, they can be too unreliable when it comes to paying for overhead or scheduling regular therapy appointments.
A lot of folks ask about practical things they can do to support Black people or to help during the mental health crisis going on right now…and here is something real simple, and real cheap that you can do to support folks who otherwise struggle to access quality care.

Why Are You Raising Money This Way?

I am avoiding grants at this time because many grants involve giving up my intellectual property to some extent and/or they want clients’ private health information (remember, data is currency).
And I really don’t want to paywall my writing on this blog or my somatic video series, for example, in order to fund the private practice.
I would like there to be a way for me to continue to share helpful information freely with everyone on here and on social media while ALSO providing free somatic psychotherapy to Black people. That can’t be impossible, right?

How Can I Support?

Please strongly consider joining the practice’s $3 Patreon (or a higher tier, but $3 works too).
Please boost me when you see MHC4OC on social media (Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram) and share MHC4OC’s website.
Thank you!

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